Season 1 | Episode 4


Drama/Comedy, United Kingdom 2014

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After the suicide of Police Chief Richard Miller, everyone is shocked. Some of the department's employees, such as PR vice president Finn and deputy police chief Inglis, would like to exploit the vacuum in their favor. They want to boot Liz out, but she manages to turn the tide by making a television appearance. Meanwhile, a coffee shop bomber is still on the loose. In addition, another scandal rocks the police ranks. Banjo shoots a black youth outside a disco, fueling discussions about armed police officers and their propensity for violence. Banjo saw a gun in the boy's hand, but his colleague Warwick did not. Warwick is also right, but Robbie, who is the first to get to the victim, puts the gun in his hand, which was actually in his waistband, to protect his colleague Banjo. Banjo is totally confused anyway because of his breakup with Davina. She is not so sure about her relationship with Clarkey anymore. It's all happening too fast for her. The two of them get into an argument about it and are therefore not attentive during a house search, and thus almost let the bomber escape.
48 min
Starting at 16
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Dean O'Toole


Brit Marling (Liz Garvey)

Bertie Carvel (Finn Kirkwood)

Paterson Joseph (Charles Inglis)

Daniel Kaluuya (Matt Coward)

Jonny Sweet (Tom Oliver)

Stuart Martin (Tony)

Nick Blood (Warwick)

Nicola Walker (Sharon)

James Nesbitt (Richard Miller)

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 16

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