Time of the Wolf

Book adaptation/Drama, United States 2002

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After the death of his parents, Aaron moves to live with his uncle Archie and his wife Rebecca in the country. Aaron is not happy in his new home. Rebecca seems to have a dislike for the boy and he also has problems at school with a stronger classmate. A little comfort comes from the howling of a pack of wolves, to which he listens spellbound every evening. When a group of farmers hunts the wolf pack one day, a wolf is injured. Aaron finds the helpless animal and tries to nurse it back to health. Every day he visits his new friend and brings him food and milk. And gradually the animal seems to recover...

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Rod Pridy


Thomas A. MacDonald (Children's Book "The Time of the Wolf")


Frank Hübner


Burt Reynolds (Archie McGregor)

Marthe Keller (Rebecca McGregor)

Jason Priestley (Mr. Nelson)

John Neville (Preacher)

Jamie Kerr (Josh Grossler)

Anthony Lemke (Alex McKenzie)

Fraser McGregor (Arty Bower)

Original title:

Time of the Wolf

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16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 8 years

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