Who Owns My Village?

Sentimental Film/Country & People, Germany 2021

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WEM GEHÖRT MEIN DORF - Who owns my village? is a personal film about the essence of democracy, set against a backdrop of white seaside resort architecture and the gentle sound of the Baltic sea. Director Christoph Eder uses the example of his hometown to explore what happens when citizens get involved in local politics to press for change. In the microcosm of the Baltic seaside resort, local residents negotiate divisive global issues. Investor interests to turn a profit are pitted against the common good of the local villagers and the conservation of precious wildlife. The locals, who have been struggling with the repercussions of structural change since the 1990s, fight against a total sell-out of their rural community in times of overtourism and gentrification. The German Film and Media Rating Agency (FBW) rated WEM GEHÖRT MEIN DORF? as "especially valuable" and said: "Thanks to great protagonists, the democratic struggle of Göhren residents to have their say turns out to be just as exciting as a feature film". The film shows that change can start in small ways and make big waves. *** The local politics of the popular Baltic resort of Göhren on the island of Rügen, where filmmaker Christoph Eder grew up, are facing a strong headwind from growth and investment. When the last untouched coastline is to be built on and the unique, picturesque nature reserve is in danger, resentment rises among some citizens. For years, a group of men, the "Four of a Kind", have dominated the local council. They support all the projects of a multi-million dollar construction investor from North Rhine-Westphalia, who built more hotels and vacation homes in Göhren after reunification than anyone else. Committed Göhren residents Nadine and her father Bernd quickly realize that they can only change things together with like-minded people. They start a citizens' initiative and run in the local elections. Will they manage to stand up to the powers-that-be and lead their village into a different future?
96 min
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Nomination German Documentary Award
Nomination Lola German Film Award
Winner Special Jury Award NaturVision

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Christoph Eder


Anna Kühnlein

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Wem gehört mein Dorf?

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16:9 HD, Color


Rating "Especially valuable"

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