Cash Truck

Action/Thriller, France 2004

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The pay is lousy, the surroundings dreary. What's more, the money transportation company "Vigilante" is suffering from a series of robberies that have already claimed the lives of several security guards. So why does Alexandre (Albert Dupontel) join this company, where the mood and finances are in such a bad state? Especially as the mysterious loner suffers from seizures and apparently not only watches over the money, but also begins to spy on his colleagues (including Jean Dujardin). What is Alexandre's plan? This is the question at the heart of Nicolas Boukhrief's clever thriller, which does not draw its suspense from action scenes galore, as is typical of the genre, but rather from a precise character sketch and Alexandre's cleverly suspended motives. In order to preserve the claustrophobic atmosphere of the film, the color-reduced scenes are predominantly kept in pale grey and ochre tones, while the film presents itself as rugged and withdrawn as its main character. "Cash Truck" follows its very own style. But when it "pops", it really pops - and so effectively so that British crook film specialist Guy Ritchie made a remake of the French film in 2021. The original vibrates with the tension and mistrust of its increasingly hostile male world and is considered an unpolished, raw genre gem.
90 min
FSK 16
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Nicolas Baby

Sound Design:

Nicolas Becker


Albert Dupontel (Alexandre Demarre)

Jean Dujardin (Jacques)

François Berléand (Bernard)

Claude Perron (Nicole)

Julien Boisselier (La Belette)

Philippe Laudenbach (La Momie)

Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus (Butagaz)

Olivier Loustau (Dolph)

Sami Zitouni (Karim)

Original title:

Le Convoyeur

Original language:



1:2.35 SD, Color

Age rating:

FSK 16

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