Annaluise & Anton

Book adaptation/Family, Germany 1999

The friendship of Pünktchen (10) and Anton (11) knows no social contrasts - Anton comes from a poor background and works every evening in a small ice cream parlor to take care of his sick mother. Pünktchen wants to help her friend, but although her parents are extremely rich, they have neither time nor money to spare for their daughter. But with her amazing resourcefulness, the girl quickly finds a way to secretly raise money for Anton. In the remake of Erich Kästner's children's book of the same name, Pünktchen does not sell matches this time, but sings in downtown Munich while her parents are at the opera. Pünktchen has learned the songs from her French au pair girl Laurence, in whose care her eternally absent parents believe Pünktchen is in good hands. However, Laurence has a boyfriend named Carlos, and he is not entirely harmless. But when the going gets tough, Anton is there to help.


Chicago International Children’s Film Festival Best Film
Deutscher Filmpreis 1999 Lola, Beste Musik
Bavarian Film Award 1999 Children's Award

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Caroline Link


Erich Kästner (Children's Book)


Niki Reiser

Sound Design:

Tomas Bastian


Elea Geissler (Annaluise/Pünktchen)

Max Felder (Anton)

Juliane Köhler (Bettina Pogge)

August Zirner (Richard Pogge)

Meret Becker (Elli Gast)

Sylvie Testud (Laurence)

Benno Fürmann (Carlos)

Michael Hanemann (Teacher Bremser)

Original title:

Pünktchen und Anton

Original language:



1.85:1 HD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 8 years


FBW "wertvoll"

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